How to use our Site
The difference between out terminology of "STUDENT” and "CLIENT”:

"CANDIDATES” (basically the same as students) are travel agents, tour operator personnel and people from the travel trade in general who will be taking the online courses to gain experience and knowledge about Brazil.  Candidates need to register with BOT to access the courses.

"CLIENTS”: are travel companies interested to buy our training modules to be promoted on  For clients we offer various promotional facilities on our site including a white label version, so we  can create their courses and provide them with a URL to land only and exclusively on their  course.  We can create clients´ courses or they can create their courses themselves directly on our site (full flexibility).

For Candidates:
You need to register with BOT to gain access to all training programmes available.

Go to the top of the web site and click on "CANDIDATE” and complete the short and easy registration process.

Follow the instructions using your chosen user name and password.

You are then free to access all the training programmes available with BOT.

Having problems registering or logging into BOT?

If you need more information on how to register or are having problems registering or logging in, then please contact us by email


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