For Prospective Clients:

"CLIENTS”: are travel companies interested to buy our training modules to be promoted on  For clients we offer various promotional facilities on our site including white label version, so we  can create their courses and provide them with a URL to land only and exclusively on their tier course.  We can create clients´ courses or they can create their courses themselves directly on our site (full flexibility).

BrazilOT is the market-leader in providing online travel training to the travel trade in the UK specialised in Brazil and beyond. We offer a selection of training programmes and have an extensive database of agents already registered, our programmes range from destination training to airlines, hotels & resort, tour operators and many more.

What We Can Offer To Our Clients:
  • BrazilOT makes creating online training quick and easy and we offer you the option of creating your own course or alternatively we can create them to your specifications. 
  • BrazilOT can host your existing online training.
  • BrazilOT promotes your online training to thousands of travel professionals across the globe, increasing their product knowledge, sales confidence and allows them to sell your product more effectively.
  • BrazilOT complements your existing trade marketing and provides you with a wide range of marketing opportunities via our global offices and media relationships. 
  • BrazilOT online training courses attract high levels of member engagement resulting in excellent ROI.
  • BrazilOT can create and promote your online training in any language to any audience globally.
  • BrazilOT offer bespoke course design and white-labelling facilities.

If you offer Brazil in your programme and wish to be included and part of our training course to increase your company visibility, please contact us by email and be promoted with our Brazilian specialised partners.

  • VBRATA Europe
  • Bossa Brazil
  • Embassy of Brazil in London
  • British Airways
  • Pernambuco
  • Minas Gerais
  • Brasil Sensational
  • TAP